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WEEK23 Dragon Boat Festival Well-being

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The braised beef noodles actually taught others how to make tomato and egg noodles. Braised beef, you've betrayed me! But this kind of instruction is really friendly for people who can't cook! It's fun to make a mediocre noodle dish.
Betrayed beef noodles
After work, I saw a magpie and a pigeon, and it seemed like the two birds were fighting. The pigeon seemed unable to fly, just like the magpie was teaching the pigeon how to fly. Today, I also saw someone wearing a white sun protection headband, and I thought the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Jason had arrived!

Procrastination was the most useful this time. If I can delay my summary from Sunday to Tuesday or Wednesday, I will feel like this week went by quickly! (I'm really not making excuses for procrastination)
Beaten up by life

I am a person who cannot enter the realm of elegance. I am happy every day in my own little world. Being noble is called "preserving life in troubled times, not seeking fame among the feudal lords." The most useful lesson in learning Chinese.
Cute dog, I took a picture of him with his owner behind

I heard a friend talk about something before. He said that he participated in a closed training before an exam, and he reviewed until late at night before the exam. The next day, it was said to be a closed-book exam, but everyone had their books open and was checking on their phones, and no one cared. After the results came out, my colleague didn't pass. He was very upset and said, "This was clearly an exam, why did everyone have their books open?" I told him, "If everyone has their books open, then it's an open-book exam. You're just too honest." And many things have already been decided, so you don't need to fight for them. I saw through these things a long time ago, so I didn't even sign up for this. If you want to give up halfway now, it's not good for your reputation, and it's a waste of time.
Thin clouds

After a long time, I finally implemented a small part of my plan 🤏
The first step is always the hardest, but once you get started, just keep up the pace and maintain the habit!
Finally, I ran for a long time. Actually, I played Hearthstone while running. One day, I posted on WeChat Official Account! I still haven't studied, but I will definitely study today and do some exercises when I get home!

Oh my god! I forgot to check in when writing my diary! How annoying!

There is a planning project teacher who can only hear me during voice meetings and doesn't know who I am. He said, "The little boy who spoke just now..." It's so embarrassing 🤦‍♂️ Do I really sound so young? !!!

I haven't used a mouse with side buttons for a long time. I remember in junior high or high school, I really wanted a mouse with side buttons. At that time, I bought a mouse for about 100 yuan because I wanted to play League of Legends and quickly insert wards and use potions. But it turned out to be just average when playing. Since then, I have gradually lowered my requirements for peripherals. As long as it can click, it's fine. After all, I don't play FPS games!

There was a fight in the neighborhood tonight, and it was so loud. I leaned against the window and watched, realizing how important it is to have stable emotions.

Damn Redmi, I thought my phone was broken because the volume button was pressed down all the time! After restarting, it returned to normal, and I can use it for another two years.

I originally wanted to watch a 15 yuan play "Stop and Go" with a friend who is also sick, but he had to go to the hospital and didn't have time. When I went to buy tickets again, the price had already increased. How annoying, then let's not watch it!

I read a pretty good short article, quite touching.
Beautiful clouds

I rarely talk to my mother either. I thought about it the other day. My parents only have a middle school or elementary school diploma. It hasn't been easy for them to come this far. When I was running, I thought that changing the fate of a family is a difficult thing. Then I thought, if I don't get married, the family will be gone.

Will my life be better than my parents'? My parents got married in their early twenties, and now it's been almost 30 years. During this time, my father faced unemployment, and my mother stayed at home to take care of me and did odd jobs to support the family. The two of them have been supporting each other for decades, and they raised me and even bought a house. Will I have such a stable relationship in the future? Will I be able to afford a house? How will my children see me?

"Dad, why did you lose your job? Dad, why do you earn less than others? Dad, I went to my classmate's house today, why is their house so big?"

It seems that the past me has overlapped with the future me. For a moment, I seemed to have become my father. Can I change these trajectories? I was originally a more pessimistic person, and after experiencing everything in the world, I became even more pessimistic. The shackles of ordinary people and the protection of social classes may make people feel hopeless for a lifetime. Realizing these problems may make me even more desperate. But what else can I do? Since the class structure is already fixed, either become desireless and content, or make life more exciting. For me, the former is probably simpler, let everything flow like water without competing.

Shocked, I just found out today that Kehua has a permanent membership!

The food in the cafeteria at noon today was amazing, crayfish, scallops, braised food, beef noodles! (●'◡'●) つ🍖 But I didn't eat much, I was already full in the morning!

Jiang guiding the sky

I had a meal with a colleague who left the company recently. He took us camping and set up a canopy.

When we went to buy groceries, we also saw "noodle fish" for the first time. It was really interesting. We bought beef and lamb together. Beef and lamb are so expensive. The total price for 3 kilograms was 108 yuan. Wasn't beef supposed to be cheap this year?
Not noodle fish, it's green bean fish
With the guidance of the clever Jiang, we finally finished. At first, the canopy was a bit low, but after some thought, I realized that the line was too tight. Just like flying a kite, you have to leave it some freedom, otherwise it won't fly. After eating hot pot together, we also had tea, it seemed to be called Laoshan green tea, and the surrounding environment was also very good. There were also many fishing enthusiasts. I found that these fishing enthusiasts are all rich people. They just parked their cars on the side of the road, and the roadside was full of Mercedes-Benz and BMWs.

After drinking tea, we played billiards. I really don't know how to play billiards. They forced me to play, so I participated. In one game, I inexplicably pocketed the black eight ball 🤦‍♂️
The environment is good, the garbage has been cleaned up!

On the second day of the Dragon Boat Festival, I went to the aquarium with my colleagues and had lunch at Hua Lai Shi 🚀. But for me, eating at Hua Lai Shi is fine. I've never had any digestive issues. But I've seen some people on the forum say that they have digestive issues after eating at Hua Lai Shi. After eating, we went to the aquarium together. The aquarium there is not that great, it's just a few small pillars with a few small fish inside. There are probably only seven pillars, some jellyfish, and lights.
Grass Stage Aquarium
The jellyfish itself doesn't emit light, it's the lights that make them look like they're glowing. But the time spent commuting is much longer than the time spent in the aquarium and the new shopping mall. It was also particularly hot that day. We went to eat at around 11:45 in the morning and came back before 3 o'clock.

The last day of the Dragon Boat Festival, I'm so tired, so tired, I won't go for a run! I fell asleep after 7 o'clock.
Happy and cute dog in the scorching heat


I didn't do anything, and it's already 7 o'clock! Why can't we work without overtime! How annoying! More than 10 hours a day outside, only 8 hours for sleep, and you're still commuting for 6 hours. Is this called life!

When I went to find someone in another team just now, it was ridiculous. Everyone in the other team was so relaxed! The girls were doing their hair, and the guys were watching videos! Doesn't their leader ask them for results?

My colleague is really amazing. He divides the work in such a way that he can't do this, he can't do that, basically he can't do anything. Truly amazing. This work can only be carried out after others have completed the prerequisites. Learn from him, before doing any work, list out all the difficulties and say that if they can't be solved, I won't do it! Before, if there was a problem, it was my problem, and I needed to find a solution. Now I have a clear mindset!
Amazing kid

I thought about it from another perspective. If I were this colleague, I would also feel helpless when the leader found me. The only method I can think of is to bother the leader with everything and report everything. The problems I can solve, I won't solve them myself. I will propose solutions and let the leader choose. Let him know how much work I do every day. Unless one day he says, "You make the decisions on these matters." I will make the decisions, but I will also record everything and include them in my year-end summary. I will write a summary with a title and list all the things underneath.
Amazing kid

Speaking of this, I remembered a strange rule in our company. It's not about being eliminated, but they choose the last place, and the last place is related to the year-end bonus. I wonder if I can quit and get n+1, and just do this every day.

TV Shows#

Finished watching "The Amazing Kid," a Hong Kong drama with a bit of an ensemble cast. Hong Kong dramas have always had the same core, which is a happy ending.
Little dog called Jinpoluo

● 耆
qí ㄑㄧˊ
Old, over sixty years old: old. Old age. Old gentleman. Old man (referring to a respected old person). Strong and powerful.

I don't recognize this character and how to pronounce it, but Baidu says it matches the drama very well. It's about this 65-year-old tough guy!
Amazing kid

I started watching Hong Kong dramas because there weren't many good domestic dramas to watch. I put my hopes on Hong Kong dramas, and I started with dramas starring Michael Miu. Their dramas are a bit exaggerated, but not as exaggerated as Japanese dramas, and it's quite comfortable to listen to Mandarin. I've been watching Hong Kong dramas ever since, and I didn't expect them to be so appealing.

Another reason I like watching Hong Kong dramas is that although they sometimes try to whitewash characters, the endings are usually perfect, which makes people like them more!
Running with Shin Jae

Still watching "Running with Shin Jae." After a busy day at work, it's great to be able to watch a sweet drama! But the plot suddenly turned towards suspense.

Shooting stars

I'm currently watching "Spiritual Drama," and I really love watching this kind of supernatural drama. Unfortunately, they are rarely made in mainland China, and if they are made, they are usually about immortals. The plot is quite touching, and the values are positive, but there's a bit too much unnecessary talk! The protagonist who is down on his luck meets a deceased female lead and tries to find her previous lover, only to discover that the lover is actually me!

"Shock Wave" and "Mutation" are both terrible movies, don't watch them, it's a waste of time!



Blizzard banned my account! I can't believe it, I just used an AFK script! I didn't even use a cheating script.
Blizzard veteran

Playing as a dumb Universe Paladin, I played two games and the whole afternoon was gone! I don't even know where the wins come from, except when the opponent has a bad hand and I push them to death.
I was lucky to get a golden card, but the Warrior doesn't use this card!
Warrior golden card
I underestimated the strength of each region. I misjudged it because I played on the Asia server during the end of the month, and I played on the Europe server during the beginning of the month! Now, whether it's the Asia server or the Europe server, they are all beating me. I reincarnated into a new account and built a Dirty Hand Paladin, but I can't get past Diamond 2.

Age of Wulin#

Dumb cow
This little pet in Age of Wulin is quite funny, hahaha.


I haven't been dreaming much lately, I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Lately, I've been in a state of not being able to wake up when I sleep, no matter how long I sleep, I'm always tired!
Running with Shin Jae


I'm just an abstract person

Before, when I went to work every day, I was looking forward to going home and seeing Xiaocai, and I felt so happy. Now, going to work every day is so painful, and I can't see the end.

I really wish Xiaocai was by my side, going to famous mountains and rivers together, enjoying the clouds.

These days, Amap Taxi has a promotion where they give out vouchers for Hua Lai Shi. After Xiaocai left, I haven't eaten at Hua Lai Shi for a long time. Xiaocai used to order takeout and always left me a burger to complete the order. Xiaocai called it "Huanbagu" (a play on words in Chinese). I still miss Xiaocai, even though she's been gone for so long.

These days, I've been feeling less talkative. The past few days, I've been in a state of not being able to wake up, no matter how long I sleep, I'm always tired!

I really hope I can have Xiaocai by my side, going to famous mountains and rivers, and enjoying the clouds.

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