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WEEK22 First Time Eating Crawfish!



I realized that the quality of my speech recordings after waking up is very poor, but I don't plan to correct them after writing them. This way, the authenticity of the diary will be lost. It would be best if, after a few years, I don't even know what I wrote in my diary. It would be interesting. I will use my imagination to speculate wildly about what I dreamed about at that time!

I have a classmate who is living on the edge of life and death. He got sick directly from working overtime too much and hasn't recovered yet. Now, staying alive is his only wish. We have a good relationship. Whenever I have any doubts, I go to him for answers. Then he answers my questions, and I call him "Master Donkey."

Sometimes I wonder why I keep a record. The act of recording itself is meaningful! People who believe in miracles are miracles themselves!

I finally understand why ancient people would bid farewell. It is natural to give farewells, congratulations, and blessings to relatives and friends. Of course, there will also be reluctance.

I discovered another benefit of keeping a diary! If you make good backups, the words are loyal to you, accompanying you without parting or separating. Simple words, quiet words, they may not even respond, but when you open your arms and look back at the words that accompanied you in the past, they will be there waiting to be discovered, silently.

Chinese websites have a very low quality of search results due to the existence of a large number of content farms and various sensitive word checks. Let's talk about content farms first. They copy content from various news websites and hot search websites, and they also post various advertisements on the websites, which is disgusting. As for sensitive word checks, I think they protect the content of Chinese websites to a large extent, but sometimes they can be overly sensitive, leading to various restrictions. Therefore, I prefer personal blogs. Some people write blogs for others to read, while others write blogs for themselves. I prefer writing blogs for myself, just like I said before, "writing is to please myself." I like this kind of blog that I write for myself. I think it is real and down-to-earth, while some blogs written for others may feel pretentious. Of course, it may be because I am not on the same level as others, so I am cynical.

I don't know where this idea came from, but people who can continue writing should not be too bad. Because they can persist and stay true to themselves. I am definitely not praising myself!

The rain in June is always divine! I felt bad after working overtime and rode my bike home in the rain. It was refreshing. I'm finally back! I'm in a super good mood!

This week has been quite eventful, not to mention the overtime. I was halfway through overtime when Xu Song sent a text saying that there would be a second concert. I took a look at the plane tickets to Nanjing, but they were too expensive, so I decided not to go! Another colleague wanted to invite me for a picnic because he quit his job. We were supposed to have dinner together on the day of Xu Song's concert, and I hadn't given him a definite answer yet. But when the concert was canceled, I suddenly had time. Then another colleague invited me to his house on Children's Day to celebrate and eat crawfish. It's been quite a roller coaster ride!

I went back to my hometown for a meal on the morning of Children's Day, and in the afternoon, a colleague from Sichuan invited me to eat crawfish with him and his partner. He said he celebrates Children's Day every year. I thought, wow, these post-2000s are really different. I feel like they know how to have fun, and Sichuan people always bring joy to those around them. This kid is really interesting. After dinner, we went to KTV together. I found that Phoenix Legend is really popular now. The post-2000s at the KTV were all singing Phoenix Legend songs, and it created a funny atmosphere.

Concerns about living alone for a long time#

I was shocked when my mom expressed concern that I might become withdrawn from living alone for too long. I thought about it and realized it's similar to Japan's phenomenon of "lonely death." With immense work pressure, coming home alone after work. The first time I heard the term "lonely death" was in the drama "The Cry of the Unborn." Some young Japanese people who live alone commit suicide in their rented rooms for various reasons. To avoid causing trouble for the landlord, they would keep a pet, like a cat. Before committing suicide, they would seal the room because cats are omnivores. When the cat realizes that you have passed away, it will eat you, preventing any odor or remains. To be honest, I don't really understand the unique politeness of the Japanese. If it's already a haunted house, why not cause trouble for others?

Anyway, I don't have the conditions for that because I don't like cats, so I didn't keep one. Unless the plants in my house come to life, otherwise, I won't be able to handle the body properly.

The Fate of Me and Rice Noodles#

One day, I worked overtime until almost 9 o'clock and didn't feel like eating at a roadside stall. Mainly because I was too lazy to go out alone. So, before leaving work, I ordered takeout. Unexpectedly, my bicycle 🚲 was faster than the mysterious delivery person's electric bike, and I arrived home before the food did.

I deeply love rice noodles 🍜

But every time I eat rice noodles, I always get an upset stomach, no matter which restaurant or where they are from. You might ask why I still eat rice noodles. It's because I love them deeply!


Work diligently and don't become a work thief! I complained to my colleagues that the company has too much overtime but no overtime pay. My colleague said that when the company hired you, they already paid you for the overtime. Having a job should make everyone envy you. Many people don't have jobs, but isn't having a job a mutual choice? But do you have the courage to quit? No. So others can easily manipulate you. If you're unhappy, quit. If you don't agree, leave. Their argument is reasonable, and I don't even know how to refute it!

I am just too responsible! I strive to respond to everything at work, so I end up exhausting myself! It's like being a big fool!

It's true that there is resentment between colleagues. Someone at work asked me if I could solve a certain problem. I said I couldn't, and he immediately retorted, "Didn't you do it last time?" I said the situation last time was different. Can I still deceive you? I really dislike people like that.

Don't casually form bonds and connections with people; it consumes a lot of energy! It applies to life and work. Let me give an example from work. Once you form a bond, the person will come to you again next time.

I suddenly had an idea. Why not have someone from the labor union or somewhere specifically check overtime, just like checking double reductions? Each company could have someone dedicated to checking overtime and not allowing it. This way, each company would hire an additional person, increasing the employment rate, and the prohibition of overtime would reduce the workload. If you want to improve efficiency, hire more people, creating more job opportunities. What a great idea.

A colleague next to me always complains about working overtime every day, not being able to finish the work, and getting complaints every day. It's really pitiful!

I heard a colleague say that when he had a car accident, his team leader and manager called him. I said the leaders really care about you, and he told me it's not like that. It's because he had a problem on his way to work, so it counts as a work-related injury. I also said, how could the leaders care about a worker like that, and even call personally.

I've been working overtime every day recently, and I'm exhausted. Fortunately, I can still watch "Running with the Good Guys."

I really can't believe it. It's noon, and a group of people came to find me. The first person hadn't finished talking to me when someone else called me on WeChat. They directly controlled me for 20 minutes on the phone, and then my colleague's team leader was waiting for him to have lunch together. He was waiting for me, and then he asked his team leader to go first, and he kept waiting for me. It feels great to be someone's firm choice.

Movies and TV Shows#

Today, I watched "Rocking the Sun." It really shouldn't have been released during the Spring Festival because it was too painful! But it's indeed a good movie. In the face of illness, everything else is trivial. I haven't read the original book, so I don't know why the male lead is so obsessed with getting married. Maybe it's because he's afraid his mother will be alone, so he wants to find someone to take care of her. To prevent the wrong person, he uses ratings as a measure. The male lead's character setting is quite interesting, a bit like the uncle in "The Exploration of the Universe." Maybe both movies mention aliens!



I've been playing Hearthstone on the European server recently. The skill level on the European server is much higher than the Asian server. The Asian server is full of bots, while the European server is full of real players. However, the Asian server tends to be more sarcastic and expressive with emotes, while the European server tends to concede when you're about to defeat them, making the game shorter.

Chinese Paladin World#

The weekend is almost over, and I remembered the activation code for Chinese Paladin World. It's the best gift for Children's Day! I wanted to play the online version of "Swords of Legends," but my computer is too slow to handle it.
The opening is so exciting!!! I thought Chinese Paladin was quite small, only 0.5GB, thinking it was all the games, but it turned out to be just a shell.
Wind, Flower, Snow, Moon
Free and Easy
If I can customize the face, I must choose a female character! Reborn as Bi Yao!
So funny, the female lead also writes a diary!


I love the rainy day in May the most because that's the day we just got together.

Today, I watched "Running with the Good Guys." In order to prevent the injured Good Guy from seeing the 2008 Olympics that he could have attended, Ren Su arranged a movie date with him. But then the fire alarm went off. This scene reminded me of when I and Xiaocai went to watch Zhang Yimou's movie during the Chinese New Year. I think it was called "Cliff Walkers." We had just started dating, but the power went out, and we couldn't watch the movie. It was winter at that time, and there was smoke coming out of the manhole cover in Xiaocai's place. Hahaha!

Xiaocai, it's been a long time. If we were still together now, we would have been together for 4 years and 1 day. I still haven't gotten used to living alone, and I still think of you often. I always wonder what you would do in certain situations if you were by my side. I also wonder what you're doing now. I still think about how you used to turn on your phone and blink in the morning. I also think about how you used to make delicious dishes for me, order my favorite milk tea, and blow up a huge balloon for my birthday. I miss you so much. It's a pity that we are separated now. I still miss you so much. Many times, I think if I had the chance, I would go back in time and be with you again. Even if the result is the same, I still hope to spend more time with you and make up for the mistakes I made in the past. I just want to be with you again, to be together with you. I hope that the days without me are happy and fulfilling for you. I hope you're not anxious, and I hope you can sleep early every day. I hope you can take your little dog for a walk happily and go for walks together. I also hope that your little dog won't be so mischievous and will listen to you. I hope you can live a happy life. It's really regrettable that I couldn't be with you. I really regret it.

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