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Excalidraw implements whiteboard + AI automatic flowchart.

Introduction to Excalidraw#

Excalidraw ( is an open-source online whiteboard tool designed to help users create simple and shareable graphics and diagrams. It provides a clean interface that allows users to easily draw shapes, charts, flowcharts, sketches, and more, and collaborate with others.

Features and Functions of Excalidraw#

  1. Easy-to-use drawing tools: Excalidraw provides intuitive and user-friendly drawing tools, including pens, shapes, text, arrows, etc., allowing users to freely draw various graphics and diagrams.
  2. Real-time collaboration and sharing: Excalidraw supports real-time collaboration, allowing multiple users to simultaneously edit the same diagram, view each other's actions in real-time, and engage in instant communication and collaboration. Users can generate shareable links for easy sharing and collaboration with others.
  3. Customizable styles and themes: Excalidraw allows users to customize the colors, line styles, fonts, etc. of the graphics, as well as choose different themes to change the appearance and style of the diagrams.
  4. Export and import functionality: Users can export the drawn diagrams as PNG, SVG, or Excalidraw's original file format, and can also import existing diagram files for editing and modification.
  5. Embedding and integration: Excalidraw supports embedding the created diagrams into other web pages or applications, facilitating integration with other tools and platforms.
  6. Open-source and self-hosting options: Excalidraw is an open-source project, and its source code can be obtained on GitHub. Additionally, users can deploy their own instances of Excalidraw for use and management on their own servers.

New Features of Excalidraw#

Recently, it has been discovered that Excalidraw has also integrated AI intelligence applications.
AI Function
You can use "Text to Diagram," "Wireframe to Code," and also set up "AI."
When you are unsure about how to proceed with something, you can directly ask questions in Excalidraw and then execute based on the content of the question. It is more intuitive than chatgpt!
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Since you've read this far, feel free to give it a try if you're interested~

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