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Review of February 2024

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Movies and TV Shows#

I watched 15 movies and TV shows, and I'll talk about a few that I recommend.
Let's start with the Spring Festival films. The best one is definitely "The Wandering Earth 2," the most profound one is "The Twentieth Rule," and the most difficult to evaluate is "Hot and Spicy."

When I first watched "Hot and Spicy," I thought it was pretty good. But after thinking about it, I wasn't sure what the story was about. It seemed a bit ambiguous. After I finished watching "Love of a Hundred Yuan," I was completely disappointed in "Hot and Spicy." It's just a story about someone losing weight, and maybe there's some technology and tricks involved. It's far less profound than "The Twentieth Rule," and the density of dialogue in "The Twentieth Rule" is much higher than in "Hot and Spicy." Although a good movie cannot be measured solely by the density of dialogue, "The Twentieth Rule" is much deeper than "Hot and Spicy" in terms of depth. However, Zhou Shen's singing in "Perfect Happiness" is still very good.

"Spring in Seoul" portrays history from a film perspective, depicting a little girl dressed up as a victor. Later, I learned that the one who was assassinated was Park Geun-hye's father, and after two terms, Park Geun-hye became the successor. History is truly a huge cycle.

"In the Angry Sea" is about two families who can't produce a normal person, hahaha.

"In a Long Time" - Is catching cheaters a side job now?

"Fight Club" is a fantastic show. A person must find their own direction, and if they can't find one, they should create one for themselves.

"Annual Meeting Must Go On!" is a workplace fairy tale. Hardworking people will eventually be noticed by their superiors. Whenever I think about the workplace, I get angry. This struggle is truly despicable, taking away other people's jobs and driving out the good employees. Just because you work three extra hours, you take away the job of someone who is the pillar of their family. Are you still going to outperform younger people when you're old? When you're old and get laid off, it's hard for one person to bear, and these employment conditions are all created by yourself. In an avalanche, no snowflake is innocent.

"The Deadly Game" is a great adaptation of the popular infinite flow novel "Kaleidoscope of Death." It's touching to see old friends meet again.


Before the Spring Festival, everyone gradually took leave and went back to their hometowns. I stayed at my post until the end and then went out for a drink with four colleagues at Hey Tea. Damn, I lost my 100 meters.

I was hoping that Xu Song would be on this year's Spring Festival Gala, but when I saw the program list, I realized I was expecting too much. I accidentally discovered that Xu Song lip-synced in many live performances. Oh my, I just found out. It is said that Xu Song will have a concert in Tianjin in June this year. I was really looking forward to it, but if it's lip-synced, can't I just listen to it at home? If it's live, it might not be as good as the songs on Netease Cloud... I'm so torn. But I also want to experience the atmosphere, even though the people I planned to go with are no longer by my side.

I happened to see Zhou Jielun (Jay Chou) performing on the Spring Festival Gala. He was dancing, singing, and doing magic tricks. He's really talented. Looking at this year's Spring Festival Gala, it seems that the biggest surprise was "Chunshan Learning." I never thought that such well-rehearsed events could have so many twists and turns. Well, that's enough.

While crazily eating melons, I saw a video on Bilibili where a blogger made a keychain that changes color using heat-shrink tubing. It reminded me of the keychain that Xiao Cai and I made before using heat-shrink tubing. We would draw patterns and color them on the heat-shrink tubing, and then use a heat gun to shrink it. At first, I resisted doing this kind of handicraft because I thought it was childish, but Xiao Cai encouraged and guided me to do it. In the end, we made a strange-shaped Doraemon keychain. Later, I used this keychain for almost a year. Because I took the subway every day, the keychain became loose, and I inexplicably lost it. In this world, nothing is immortal, not even diamonds. Don't believe those claims of eternity. When an avalanche happens, no snowflake is innocent.

After the Spring Festival, I got together with two good colleagues. We sang songs together at KTV and even sang "Chunshan" by coincidence. It was hilarious! We had grilled meat from Xi Ta for lunch and Wang Po's big prawns for dinner. The small portion of prawns was too expensive. I wish I hadn't ordered prawns. The drinks at the KTV were also too expensive, even more expensive than the singing! The funniest thing was that when we sang "Rewind," the people in the room opposite us were also singing "Rewind." It seems that no one has moved on, hahaha.

Actually, time is like a game. The most powerful thing is to do more in a short period of time and become a time master. Of course, work and rest should be balanced, just like Paru.


I'll temporarily record them and write them into my novel later. I must write a novel in the future, I must!

Dream 1#

I dreamt that someone bought clothes for me, but I forgot who it was. The clothes were quite nice, a black Nike shirt with a pattern. I liked wearing it, but when I saw that it was Nike, I felt a bit unhappy because Nike doesn't support Xinjiang cotton. That's when I woke up.

I saw online that dreaming of buying clothes symbolizes a harmonious family, but Zhou Gong, please don't deceive me. There's also a saying that dreaming of buying clothes means lack of sleep and lack of concentration. I feel like the latter is more fitting.
It rained recently, and there was haze. Xiao Cai used to love rainy days. She would look out the window and listen to the sound of rain falling. After she came to my place, Xiao Cai could only hear the sound of raindrops falling, which was a bit annoying because there were protective bars on the windows. Every time it rained, I would think of the lyrics, "What should I do on rainy days? I miss you so much, but I don't dare to call you. I can't find a reason to." Later, I found out that when Xiao Cai stares out the window on rainy days or when she stares out the window absentmindedly, she must be homesick.

Dream 2#

Due to the non-disclosure of movie content for external release, three children, A, discovered something unusual and decided to break through the defenses of the underground world. B pretended to break through the underground world, but in reality, he was a blood-sucking monster. C discovered B's secret, and B was about to kill C. Girl A and I were together and then separated. Girl B and I were together, and I told her to stay away from B. In the end, B took advantage of being alone and killed Girl B. The underground was like a shelter, and they all wore white containment suits. The entrance to the shelter on the ground was desolate, with few people and sometimes a large stone wheel truck. When A's attempt to break through the underground world failed, many people's bodies were placed in the wheels of the truck.

Dream 3#

I traveled with Mr. Bean from China to a foreign country, along with good friends, Deng Chao and a girl. Mr. Bean was driving a tractor through a yellow wheat field, just like walking in a maze.

Dream 4#

Dreamt that Xiao Cai came back.

Dream 5#

Yesterday, I dreamt that a group of people, including me, were locked in a school. The entrance was blocked by ruins, and we had to play chess. We played Go because we didn't have chess pieces. We could only use paper to trace the chessboard and draw the pieces with ballpoint pens and highlighters. But the paper was not transparent, so we couldn't see the chessboard. In the end, time ran out, maybe because it exceeded the time limit, and it became a draw. Later, I asked A if he was confident or if he knew how to play. He said he knew a little. I asked the referee if I could give up the game, and the referee said yes. I decisively gave up the game. After all, I really didn't know how to play Go.

According to Zhou Gong's dream interpretation, dreaming of playing chess is not good. In response to my dream, I have made the following arrangements:

  • Work diligently and leave evidence to avoid being framed!
  • Reduce slacking off and do more tasks, especially learning.

Dream 6#

I dreamt that a classmate from the same cram school I attended in elementary school attacked me and tried to stab me with a syringe. It only pierced the skin, but it didn't inject anything, and I pulled it out. Then that classmate smiled mysteriously and told me that he had AIDS... It felt a bit like the game "Werewolf," where there are two bad guys.

I also dreamt that Xiao Cai came back, hahaha. Xiao Cai said she would go wherever I go, and she has been with me ever since.

Study Method Sharing#


Any kind of planning document must have the 5W2H1E, a total of 8 basic elements. The so-called 5W2H1E stands for: What (the purpose and content of the plan), Who (the people involved in the plan), Where (the location of plan implementation), When (the time of the plan), Why (the reasons and prospects of the plan), How (the methods and implementation of the plan), How much (the budget of the plan), and Effect (the predicted results and effects of the plan).
Originally, I wanted to share the 5W2H, but after learning about the 5W2H, I discovered the 1E, so I decided to learn it together. Thinking about unfamiliar things using the 5W2H1E method is more comprehensive. I will cultivate the habit of thinking in terms of 5W2H1E in the future.

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