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Review of January 2024

January Review#

Learning Progress#

Concerning progress in CISSP studies.
Originally planned to study the PPT, but only covered a small part. However, it was indeed useful in daily life, as I used PPT to draw a Gantt chart.

Audio and Drama#

Finished listening to Himalaya's "Innocent Murder," the ending was a bit disappointing. Not a fan of Himalaya audiobooks anymore, could use Himalaya as a learning tool, like for online courses.
Watched "The Beekeeper," Jason Statham always plays the same character, never tried different roles, similar to Ma Dongxi.
"The Killer's Shopping List" is a good drama, leading to the real killer through various details, although the killer is quite handsome, the kind of handsome and twisted person. The resolution in the end was also a happy one, making me cry a lot at that time!

"Annoying Tai Bai Venus" depicts workplace scenarios very realistically, learned many workplace skills, resonated a lot with this book.

Recent Life Events#

Fixed the gas stove with Xiao Cai, actually it was just a power outage, tried using dims to clean up computer space. Also had a good conversation with Xiao Cai, hoping to resolve past issues. 2023 was a year full of farewells for me, colleagues who joined at the same time as me left, the leader who recruited me also left, not sure who else will leave. Later, Xiao Cai also left, so I bought Xiao Cai a cake that Xiao Cai couldn't bear to buy before.

Random Thoughts#

When facing personal bottlenecks, I have many ideas but lack the drive to act on them. When encountering issues, never rush, take it slow and prioritize. I don't really categorize tasks into quadrants, find it troublesome, but tasks do have varying levels of importance and urgency, so I plan to differentiate the priority of events based on their timing in the future. However, now I realize that it's not really necessary.

It's important to avoid arguments and accumulate good karma. Many people casually watch one of my videos or articles and leave malicious comments, but I don't really need to respond. Sometimes I do get caught up in replying. They've only seen one of my videos, what do they really know?

Lately, I've been feeling anxious often, there are many things I have no control over, waiting for time to reveal the outcomes. Hopefully, in the future, I can be less pessimistic and become more cheerful and optimistic.

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