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The average urban unemployment rate in the national survey in 2023 was 5.2%, and the population experienced negative growth of -1.48‰.

The National Bureau of Statistics released data on population decline and unemployment rate.

At the end of the year, the total population of the country (including the population of 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, and active military personnel, excluding residents of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and foreigners living in the 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) was 140.967 million, a decrease of 2.08 million from the end of the previous year. The total number of births in the year was 9.02 million, with a birth rate of 6.39‰; the total number of deaths was 11.1 million, with a death rate of 7.87‰; the natural population growth rate was -1.48‰. In terms of gender composition, the male population was 720.32 million, the female population was 689.35 million, and the sex ratio of the total population was 104.49 (with 100 as the base for females). In terms of age composition, the population of working-age (16-59 years old) was 864.81 million, accounting for 61.3% of the total population; the population aged 60 and above was 296.97 million, accounting for 21.1% of the total population, including 216.76 million people aged 65 and above, accounting for 15.4% of the total population. In terms of urban-rural composition, the urban population with permanent residence was 93.267 million, an increase of 11.96 million from the end of the previous year; the rural population with permanent residence was 47.7 million, a decrease of 14.04 million; the proportion of urban population to the total population (urbanization rate) was 66.16%, an increase of 0.94 percentage points from the end of the previous year.


Let's see what netizens have to say:
被嫌弃的 xx 一生: There are too few newborns, too many college students, 35-year-old employees are considered old, and retirement at 60 is considered early. I've been criticized my whole life.

招聘都要 35 周岁以下,能不能 35 周岁选择性退休: Recruitment requires people under 35, can we choose to retire at 35?

居然还有这么多人生得起孩子: Surprisingly, there are still so many people who can afford to have children.

人少了,意味着竞争少,不用那么累: Fewer people means less competition, less stress.

这一点不一定对,因为人少了,可能提供就业的机会也少了,有可能竞争更激烈了。: This may not necessarily be true, because with fewer people, there may be fewer job opportunities, which could lead to even fiercer competition.

刚才刷到韩国出生人口 23.5 万: I just saw that South Korea's birth rate is 235,000.

现在大家挤破头皮都给孩子找学校摇号!以后就是学校求着我孩子去读书,真好!现在我还在两岁,已经接到各种幼儿园电话: Now everyone is scrambling to get their children into schools through lottery systems! In the future, schools will be begging my child to attend, how great! I'm only two years old and I'm already receiving calls from various kindergartens.

养大一个孩子打底百万,普通人一辈子能赚到这么多都不错了: It costs a million to raise a child, it's already good if an ordinary person can earn that much in a lifetime.

干活儿嫌人少,分钱嫌人多: Complaining about too few people to work, and too many people to share the money.

建议出一个限定猫年,说不定生育率就提高了: It's suggested to have a limited "Year of the Cat," maybe the birth rate will increase.

35 岁员工嫌老,60 岁退休嫌早: Employees over 35 complain about being old, and retiring at 60 is considered early.

208w,一座三线城市人口没了。: 2.08 million, the population of a third-tier city is gone.

2017 年高考人数 940w,也就是说去年出生人口还没 17 年高考人数多: The number of candidates for the college entrance examination in 2017 was 9.4 million, which means that the number of births last year was less than the number of candidates in 2017.

大学就业数据怎么来的 读过大学的心里都清楚: How is the employment data for college graduates obtained? Those who have attended college know it well.

建议每年都改成龙年: It is suggested to change every year to the "Year of the Dragon."

龙年出生会变太子吗?: Will being born in the "Year of the Dragon" make one a prince?

生吧都,同一年高考乱死你们: Just give birth, let's see who survives the chaotic college entrance examination in the same year.

别在龙年生孩子 人多 长大了竞争压力大 我就 88 年: Don't have children in the "Year of the Dragon," there will be too many people and they will face intense competition when they grow up. I was born in '88.

有没有可能,龙年生娃,后面几年生育率断崖下跌: Is it possible that having children in the "Year of the Dragon" will result in a sharp decline in the birth rate in the following years?

经济下行,穷则思便?: Economic downturn, does poverty lead to fewer births?

结婚人数也在下降,生育率能上来?: The number of marriages is also declining, can the birth rate increase?

现在这生育欲望,还在这扯这些。身边小孩子没有一个有想生小孩的。年轻人从心里都排斥了,等待生育率断崖式下跌。: With the current lack of desire for childbirth, talking about these things is pointless. None of the children around me want to have children. Young people are rejecting it from their hearts, and the birth rate is expected to plummet.

10 年以后,2024 年是生育率最高的一年: In 10 years, 2024 will be the year with the highest birth rate.

网络不是法外之地,专家不能成为脱缰野马: The internet is not a lawless place, experts should not become wild horses.

只要失业了就是在校生呗,没想到我现在还能换老还童。: As long as you're unemployed, you're considered a student. I didn't expect that I could still become young again.

连统计局都一致认为就业的门槛是研究生起了: Even the statistics bureau agrees that the threshold for employment starts with a graduate degree.

35 岁以上工作难找,还要养家糊口,少生或不生才是对自己和下一代负责: It's difficult to find a job for people over 35, and they still have to support their families. Having fewer or no children is responsible for oneself and the next generation.

18 岁上大学,4 年本科,毕业不是 22 岁吗?为什么要从 24 岁起算?: Going to college at 18, a 4-year undergraduate degree, shouldn't graduation be at 22? Why is it counted from 24?

30 岁以后,很多企业开始嫌弃了哈哈哈,不为失业率做贡献?: After the age of 30, many companies start to reject people, haha, not contributing to the unemployment rate?

失什么业?那叫灵活就业!!!: What unemployment? That's called flexible employment!!!

浙江底下一个三线城市的区,事业单位招聘,本科全部限 26 周岁以下,26 周岁以上直接步入退休了: In a district of a third-tier city in Zhejiang, when recruiting for public institutions, all applicants with a bachelor's degree must be under 26 years old, and those over 26 go directly into retirement.

35 岁事业不单独统计啊,怎么 30 直接到退休年龄一起统计了: Why isn't the career of people over 35 counted separately? How come it's combined with the retirement age of 30?

那么农村青年呢?因为农村户口不需要就业回家种地就可以所以不用统计吗?: What about rural youth? Since they can return home and farm without needing employment due to their rural household registration, does that mean they don't need to be counted?

在有数据的年代也没啥参考性 1. 应届毕业生没工作不计入失业,叫待业 2. 你主动辞职赋闲在家不算,被裁或者公司垮了没再就业,成功申请失业金才计入失业 3. 每周工作一小时就不算失业 这么苛刻的失业条件也是没谁了: Even in the era of data, there isn't much reference value. 1. Graduates who don't have jobs are not counted as unemployed, they are considered "awaiting employment." 2. If you voluntarily resign and stay at home without work, it doesn't count as unemployment. If you were laid off or the company collapsed and you didn't find another job, you are only counted as unemployed if you successfully apply for unemployment benefits. 3. Working for one hour per week doesn't count as unemployment. These strict conditions for unemployment are unprecedented.

30-59 真的有工作吗?: Do people aged 30-59 really have jobs?

今年毕业,找工作人家说不要没工作经验的: I graduated this year, and when I look for a job, they say they don't want someone without work experience.

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