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2 Fast 2 Furious is super awesome!

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, I watched "Pegasus 2" and it was ten thousand times better than last year's "Four Seas". It was at least three times better than "Pegasus 1". I never thought that our own racing story in China could be so exciting! Although the first part of the movie was ordinary, it was well prepared and the plot was reasonable and complete. The last 40 minutes of the movie were intense, with frequent unexpected situations. Ajian believes that the final score of this movie on Douban is around 7.8, but in Ajian's heart, this movie is perfect.
As I grow older, I increasingly understand the helplessness of Zhang Chi, the old racer. First of all, let me give you a heads up, this movie has a very high emotional content, so don't worry that "Pegasus 2" will have a very low emotional content like "Four Seas". Teng Ge appears throughout the movie, although he often flips the car while driving and then blames Yin Zheng. If you haven't watched "Pegasus 1", don't worry. The first part is about Shen Teng participating in a car race and then retiring due to an injury. Five years later, he opens a driving school.

This movie has no female characters, it is a story about racing among men, similar to "Soldiers Assault". "Pegasus 2" is completely different from "Fast & Furious". "Pegasus 2" portrays the struggles of middle-aged men for survival, giving it a realistic touch.
The movie has a strong sense of immersion, and sometimes you can't even breathe while watching the race, fearing that someone might actually die in the rally. The movie is overall close to life and down-to-earth. Despite different professions, the difficulties encountered in work and life are diverse, but the helplessness, pain, and despair faced in the face of difficulties are similar. On the surface, Shen Teng seems carefree and laughs at life, but he also has dissatisfaction. He shows his true feelings when faced with online criticism and the unfairness of the race without points. He also has a great fear of getting injured again. In the end, he said, "In life, the best way to overcome fear is to face it."
In life and work, we will encounter various unexpected situations and injustices. We may only be able to follow the rules, keep silent, and dare not challenge authority. As time goes by in work, Ajian has discovered that rules are meant to be broken, and rules are made by vested interests to consolidate their own interests. When I heard the line "I respect the rules, but they damn well better be fair," "What doesn't exist now will exist tomorrow, understand?" I really couldn't hold it in anymore. 2023 was really tough, and many tasks were assigned to me that I couldn't handle at all. In the end, I didn't even know what the thing was that I had to work on. Let's just let 2023 pass, even though there will be more and more absurd things in the future. I hope that every friend who has watched "Pegasus 2" can stay optimistic and never give up in the face of strong winds. Although we have tried countless times, I know that opportunities will only come once or twice in between.
Lastly, one thing that struck Ajian the most was that Zhang Chi always had companions by his side, a group of people who came together because of their common interests. Being together is like a pile of sand, and dispersing is like a pile of loose sand, which is also good. Some scenes in the movie also reminded me of "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung Fu Hustle".


Lead Seal#

For components in racing that require uniqueness, such as chassis and engine, a lead seal will be placed. During the car inspection, as long as the lead seal is intact, it is considered acceptable. If the lead seal is missing, it may indicate illegal modifications or the use of non-compliant parts in the race.

A+ and B+ written on the lathe of the racing car#


At first, I thought it was a rating for the race, indicating that those who haven't participated or have no results would be marked as 0+. Later, I learned that the O+, A+, and B+ behind the names on the racing car represent blood types, and the plus or minus sign indicates positive or negative. In case of accidents, the blood type can be confirmed.

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