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Ajahn's recommended web plugins!

Hello everyone, I am Ajian. Today, I want to recommend some browser extensions that I frequently use. Please pay attention to the ranking.

Cat Claw#


Cat Claw is a web media sniffing tool that displays music/video addresses.
With Cat Claw, you can download various video data from webpages, such as cracked video websites, Xiaoe Tong, and more. It's truly a resource artifact.


Tampermonkey is one of the most popular browser extensions with over 10 million users. It allows users to customize and enhance the functionality of their favorite webpages. User scripts are small JavaScript programs that can be used to add new features or modify existing ones on webpages. With Tampermonkey, you can easily create, manage, and run these user scripts on any website.

Some of the commonly used features by Ajian include RSS subscription, cloud storage recognition assistant, and automatic check-in. Feel free to explore them if you're interested!



You may not know what it is just by its name, but you definitely know IDM. This plugin is the web plugin for IDM, which can be used to click, take over, or disable webpage resource downloads.


SuperCopy is the official extension for SuperCopy.

Main features: remove copy restrictions, remove right-click restrictions, remove select restrictions, remove paste restrictions.
Common scenarios: copying content from Baidu Wenku, Tencent Docs, Kingsoft Docs, Qidian Literature, Douban Reading, and more.
Plugin features: simply click the icon to copy, easy operation, and the website to be copied has memory function.

How to use:
On a website where right-click or copy is prohibited, click the SuperCopy icon to remove the restrictions.
When the icon is gray, it means the removal function is not enabled.
When the icon is colorful, it means the removal is effective.

Common Chinese websites that can be copied:

  1. Baidu Wenku
  2. Qidian Chinese website, Qidian Literature, Qidian Female website
  3. Chuangshi Chinese website
  4. Motie Chinese website, Motie Literature, Jinwen Novel website, Momo Romance website, Yiyun Academy
  5. Zongheng Chinese website, Zongheng Literature
  6. NetEase Cloud Reading
  7. Tencent Originals
  8. Douban Reading, Douban Books
  9. Panda Reading
  10. Bilibili
  11. Weibo
  12. Story Bird, Beetify
  13. Hedgehog Cat
  14. Zcool
  15. Lianjia
  16. Global Human Resources Think Tank
  17. Old Roast Duck
    SuperCopy is extremely useful for combating various unscrupulous websites.
    This is all Ajian has to recommend for now. These are the plugins that Ajian uses in daily life. If you have any plugins that you like, feel free to share them with Ajian!
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