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Set a flag, definitely slow down the pace.



Beautiful Moonlight

Yesterday, when I got home, I played Hearthstone for 6 hours straight. I can't believe it! How can I be so unrestrained! I have decided to make a promise to myself. I will only play 3 rounds of Hearthstone every day, just three rounds. I must stop after three rounds. - - In the end, I found that I broke the promise...

Today, after work, I saw two interesting things. The first one is car tutoring, not the one near the driving school, but the one on the highway. This should be good. Many people want to drive but are afraid to do so. Even if there are no elders around, they dare to drive. And if you let your elders teach you how to drive, you will definitely be scolded all the time. With this profession, the possibility of practicing driving for everyone will increase. The second thing is when I returned to the entrance of the community, I saw someone setting up a stall. The little dog next to him didn't join him in setting up the stall. The little dog sat in the grass. I guess the grass is cooler. This little dog is quite smart.
Cool Cloud☁️

I have always had an idea, and I just remembered to mention it today. There should be an abbreviation for each month:
New Year
Spring Festival
Arbor Day
April Fools' Day/Easter, April is your lie
May Day/The days with Xiaocai
June Rain
July Fire/Chinese Ghost Festival
Xiaocai's birthday
Double Ninth Festival
National Day
My birthday/Thanksgiving
December/End of the year

Tired from work every day, playing Hearthstone after work, it's a vicious cycle. I must go for a run and tidy up the house tonight! - - Tidied up the house √, went for a run ×

Originally, I was going to the park with my colleagues, but I found out that the park is still under construction and not open yet! I'm really speechless. If it's not open, why recommend it on the public account? And don't even mention that it's not open.

Listening to the sound of the wind, slowly riding my antique bicycle🚲


Maybe because people are getting older, they all start to miss home, so some colleagues who recently resigned have returned home.

I keep telling myself to try to slow down the pace, leave more time for myself, but the work atmosphere in the company is too strong and I always end up being influenced by others. As I get busy, I can't find my direction at all. I attribute this to the strong work atmosphere!

Today, I tried to slow down the pace of work and found that I couldn't finish it at all, haha.

I saw an interesting sentence on the forum: When working overtime, talk about dedication; when late, talk about rules; it is recommended to leave work on time. And overtime should be written into the constitution as illegal! The spirit of enduring hardship is imposed on oneself by others. Don't let others deceive you with their values. We are all excellent individuals and should not be forced to work overtime, nor should we endure suffering. (Are you a warlock? Do you have to take a bite and lose blood?) I also suggest that everyone watch the live broadcast of Lawyer Hu and Zhang Beihai on overtime. It's quite interesting. I hope everyone can stand up for the working class, just like when an avalanche happens, innocent snowflakes are also involved. If you don't stand up, one day you will be trampled on too! Say no to overtime, let's start with ourselves!
Today at my workstation, I heard someone say: "Spending 12.5 million just to write so little, hahaha." They must have written more to justify their workload, hahaha. 12.5 million, tsk tsk tsk.

Today's overtime, a ridiculous incident happened. No one told me about the capacity change, and as a result, the capacity change caused my system to lag, and in the end, it was blamed on me again. I mentioned the need to increase the capacity of this system when I first came here, but they thought it was unreasonable and said that we just need to get through the epidemic and there won't be any pressure. Now they want to increase it again, using the same architecture. Damn, they're so stingy. The increase in users after I expanded the capacity is a real improvement, unlike the previous 1kw, which was just an imaginary investment.

Lately, I keep telling myself that I must slow down at work. The more capable you are, the more stable your emotions, and the stronger your ability to withstand pressure, the more work you will have. If you put all your energy into work, your study time will become shorter because energy is limited. Therefore, you must slow down. It has been a week since I last went for a run, and my ankle hasn't hurt again. Should I thank overtime for not giving me time to go for a run? Impossible, I never praise suffering. All praises of suffering are just pretentious. If I have time tonight, I must go for a run! - - Didn't go...

I slowly treat making phone calls at work as a way to relax, lowering my tone and slowing down the time, giving myself more time.

There are really companies that treat people like livestock. The key is that even cows and horses have their own off time, but people are still exhausted even when they don't have off time.

Movies, TV shows, and Books#

Finally finished watching "Running with Goodness". It's great. The ending is a perfect ending, from love to marriage, and then it ends. Could it be that marriage is the grave of love? 😯

I watched "Second Breath" and the barrage and the hype are just mindless. Even 5-6 point movies are being hyped up. Aren't we all constantly searching for ourselves? It's just that we can't find it (unable to find the fallen wings of flowers). Or maybe it's because my empathy skills are poor, and my original family is relatively happy, and my family members understand each other, so I can't empathize with the barrage.

Shocking! I heard that there is a chance to see the second part of "The Gifted Coroner" this year.

Watching "New Life" really makes me sigh. It's so easy for people to be deceived! We must be vigilant against fraud and reduce contact with others. When I saw the dancing part, I remembered that Xiaocai said she learned to dance when she was young but gave up because it was too painful to do the splits, haha. I remember when Xiaocai and I were shopping together before, many people in different shopping malls asked Xiaocai if she wanted to learn yoga, saying that Xiaocai has a good temperament.

The bloodshed caused by infidelity in "New Life". Resentment towards Jing Bairan, understanding Jing Bairan, becoming Jing Bairan! I will seek revenge on this world! The holy light has betrayed me!

I don't understand "Mr. Red Carpet" at all. No wonder it was withdrawn. Mr. Red Carpet has a taste of Mr. Tree. It mainly tells the story of him being serious while others in society are not. It's a bit boring.

Because I was waiting for user verification while working overtime one day, I accidentally finished reading "Atonement". Some people need to heal their whole lives with their childhood, while others heal their childhood with their whole lives. Among the five people, not one of them is normal. I quite like the writing style of the book. They discuss a case from 15 years ago through letters that resemble chatting about family matters. Each person in the book is a crazy and pitiful Qiuhui.


The TickTick desktop plugin seems to be hiding like QQ. I used to be able to chat with someone all day, but now I don't want to talk to anyone.


Just now, when I took out the trash, I remembered that there was one time when we ran out of trash bags at home. Both Xiaocai and I bought trash bags separately. It's kind of funny, like we had a telepathic connection.

I heard that the 712 Beer Festival opened at the Water Park today. If Xiaocai were still here, I could take her there. Although this kind of event is probably boring, it would be interesting with someone fun! Sigh 😮‍💨

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