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Ensure you don't miss important messages: Use RSS to subscribe to public account push notifications.

Advantages of RSS#

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format used for publishing regularly updated information, such as blog articles, news, audio, or video. RSS has many advantages in the era of big data:

  1. RSS services allow you to actively choose the sources you subscribe to, while algorithm recommendations are passive content reception. The subscription sources in RSS are ones that you choose and naturally align with your interests. The personalization of RSS platforms means that you can use whatever RSS software you prefer.
  2. RSS clients are often clean, well-designed, and feature-rich. They often integrate various third-party services, making them a personal knowledge base for users with extensive reading habits.
  3. The crawling specification of RSS means that content platforms are actually separate from user interaction, so the possibility of advertising invasion in RSS is naturally smaller due to the lack of interaction with users.
  4. RSS provides a great reading experience, and many users prefer to read through RSS clients. Therefore, if content platforms consistently output full RSS feeds, the platform's data volume will be affected. Therefore, content platforms have no reason to support the development of RSS. The disadvantage of RSS is that platforms like Weibo and WeChat do not support RSS output, so it is almost impossible for high-quality content from these platforms to be output to RSS platforms.

Advantages of Official Accounts#

Official accounts, as a new form of media, have many advantages in terms of dissemination and interaction. Here are some advantages of official accounts:

  1. Wide user base: Official accounts are usually based on large social media platforms such as WeChat and Weibo, which have a large active user base. Through official accounts, you can directly reach and interact with these users, expanding your audience.
  2. Real-time updates and instant message push: Official accounts can publish new content or messages at any time and directly send the latest content to subscribers through message push. This makes official accounts an effective tool for disseminating real-time information, latest news, and important notifications.
  3. Interaction and user engagement: Official accounts provide rich interactive features such as leaving comments, conducting polls, and organizing prize draws, which can increase interaction and engagement with users. This interaction can help establish closer connections with users, increasing user stickiness and loyalty.
  4. Diverse content formats: Official accounts support various content formats, including text, images, audio, and video. You can choose the appropriate content format according to your needs to better convey your information and stories, enhancing the attractiveness and influence of the content.
  5. Data analysis and precision marketing: Official account platforms usually provide rich data analysis tools that can help you understand the behavior, interests, and preferences of your audience. By analyzing this data, you can carry out precise user targeting and personalized marketing strategies, improving marketing effectiveness and user interaction.
  6. Brand building and promotion: Through official accounts, you can promote your brand image, values, and stories, enhancing brand awareness and attention. Official accounts are also important channels for publicity and promotion activities, attracting user attention and participation through activities such as offering discounts and promoting content.

Disadvantages of Official Accounts#

Currently, the push of official accounts depends on "Tencent's mood" and does not follow a specific schedule. If you do not star an official account, you may not even see the messages from the official account you want to read. Therefore, I recommend using RSS to subscribe to official accounts.
Previously, I recommended a website for subscribing to official account feeds on WeChat, but it has expired now.

New Method for Subscribing to Official Accounts via RSS#

You can quickly subscribe to official accounts using "Jintiankansha". After registering for an account, click on "Submit Official Account".
Enter the link to any article from the official account, and remember to check the "Auto RSS" subscription option.
Of course, it also supports many other platforms, such as Xueqiu, Weibo, Douban, Zhihu, and more.
Finally, copy the RSS address to your RSS reader, and the effect in the RSS software will be like this:

If you want to try it out, you can use this link from Ajian: Jintiankansha

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