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Exhausting Week

Just reviewed last week briefly, and it made me sick. Sometimes I worked until almost 10 o'clock, and even had a night shift on the last day. So annoying!
I really hate overtime!!!.png


Recently interested in products: display screens, chairs, keyboards, cameras.

I want to buy a display screen because it's inconvenient to work with just one screen, especially when working with Excel. So I wanted to buy one for home, but there isn't enough space for an extra screen. Plus, why would I want to spend money to work? Ridiculous! I decided not to buy it.

A comfortable chair can protect my back well. I used to sit on the bed and play on the computer, but later I found out that I couldn't fit a chair there, so I gave up on it. I'll consider changing the layout of the room and then buy a comfortable chair.

To talk about keyboards, I have to go back a long time. Because the company installed Tianqing, some of my useful software couldn't run properly. Yes, the company created a software whitelist. Although I work in security, it's too troublesome to constantly enable and disable Tianqing, reinstall and uninstall it. So I went back to using my first laptop that I bought when I just started working. This laptop should be a Mechrevo S1, probably around 3999 at that time. I bought it because it was lightweight and affordable. Also, I have to complain about Dell, expensive and rubbish! I bought a Yuxi gaming laptop in college for around 9k.

Speaking of keyboards, the typing experience on the S1 keyboard is really awkward. It's just a pure ultra-thin membrane keyboard, pressing it or not makes no difference. It doesn't provide any emotional value at all. So I want to buy a mechanical keyboard for writing documents at work. But then again, forget about paid work.

The camera is probably the least important item among these. I was obsessed with GoPro, Go3s, Pocket3, Actions, and other products for two days. Go3s had a strong marketing campaign, and I really wanted to buy a Go3s for outdoor adventures and travel. I mentioned Go3s to my colleague, and he said, "Isn't that a pinhole camera?" I was speechless. Considering the potential risks, I gave up on the idea of buying a camera. Besides, I stay at home every day and don't go out to film any vlogs. The initial reason I wanted to buy a camera was that I often forget to record my feelings in the moment when I go out with friends. It's not good to keep looking at my phone. Well, forget it. I'll consider buying this kind of camera when the system optimization is better and the price is cheaper.

However, after reading so many reviews, I did gain something. I should buy a better smartphone! I can take photos and videos with my phone, so my precious memories (cyber ashes) can be preserved!

I also learned a new knowledge: 4K has nothing to do with image quality, it refers to resolution.

I have the impulse to use a camera to record life 📷
There are so many good movies to watch these two months, but unfortunately, I have no one to watch them with. Plus, there are so many good movies at home that I haven't watched yet! I won't spend money to watch them! My weekly report has become all about money, I've become a money-grubber!

Working overtime on Saturday and high-intensity uploading on Sunday, I'm so tired that I can't rest properly. I don't know if it's because I've been playing Hearthstone too much or working overtime too much, but I'm so tired!

My View on Electric Cars#

This morning on my way to work, I saw an electric wheelchair, and I think it's the most suitable application for electric cars. Currently, electric cars and autonomous driving are still in the development stage, not yet stable. If they were stable, there wouldn't be daily news about various electric car incidents. In the development stage, the performance is low, the system is unstable, and the testing of usage scenarios is not extensive. In comparison, electric wheelchairs are very suitable for electric cars. Firstly, they don't involve the problem of not being able to stop at high speeds. Secondly, they don't have violent collisions or the risk of combustion. Lastly, they provide convenience for the elderly, disabled, and patients to travel. But this is also the most fatal drawback, as the target audience is small.


Some people have it easy. The boss sends a message, and they send an email with a link, asking everyone to update the information themselves. I'm more miserable. I have to notify each person and system one by one. Sigh, why do I have to do this?

I worked overtime until after 10 o'clock, so I bought a spicy strip to reward myself! Damn overtime makes me spend more money!

I just realized that I've been "PUA"ed. During the conversation with my boss yesterday, he talked about the quarterly performance. Blah blah blah.
"You do process design work, right? Did you write any plans?"
I did, I wrote audit reports, and each report includes an implementation plan for the biweekly work.
"That doesn't count."
I said, but isn't that a plan?
"It doesn't count."
I didn't say much after that, and he continued talking.
Your work performance is average.

It just hit me today, why am I working so hard every day? I'm not sure about your work, but starting from the perspective of the lack of or insufficient work content, I have fewer opportunities to write plans. Besides, I also want to write plans instead of doing work. First of all, I don't have anyone under me, and secondly, I have to do the work myself. Lastly, have you ever heard of someone who does both work and writes plans? Isn't it the person who writes plans that creates the tasks and leaves the implementation and execution to someone else?!

And let's talk about how I spend 3 minutes on a phone call, 2 minutes on a WeChat message, and 5 minutes on an OA message. When do I have time to write plans? I can't even finish my work. On the other hand, some colleagues play games every day. When I arrive, they might not be there, and when I leave, they might have left early. They play games during work hours, and they play games during overtime. And yet, my performance is the same as theirs? I don't understand.

When you're in a difficult situation, you need to think of ways to adapt. This condition is too harsh. I'm preparing to change my environment and find a new job.

Movies, TV Shows, Books#

I recently finished watching "The Invisible Boy," and it was quite good overall. The story mainly revolves around proving that I am Bian Jie (the protagonist's name), I am Xiao Qi, finding out who killed Wang Shuai, and finding out who killed Bian Jie. Maybe what I said sounds boring, but it's actually quite exciting and worth watching.

I recently finished reading a book called "The Antique Bureau Midgame 1: The Buddha Head Case," and it was quite good. False is true, true is false, it's easy to identify antiques but difficult to judge people. The final twist was thrilling. It's a pity that Xu Yuan and Mu Hu didn't end up together after so long, it's frustrating!


Today I read an article about using TickTick to write a diary. I had thought about using TickTick before, but there was a problem. My diary includes pictures because I rarely post on social media, so including pictures is a necessary requirement. TickTick requires a premium membership to record many pictures, and for free, you can only record one picture per day. So I gave up on it! In the end, I chose a physical diary.


Xiaocai is particularly afraid of heat, so she always needs to turn on the air conditioner. I, on the other hand, am particularly afraid of the cold, so I don't turn on the air conditioner. Hahaha, I miss the days when Xiaocai would turn on the air conditioner.

I didn't realize how cute Xiaocai was before, but now I do. But Xiaocai and I are separated.

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