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TickTick tasks can be synchronized to Apple Calendar with just one click.

When sharing the Notion Calendar, a friend asked, "What should I do if TickTick is closed when it is also an online service?"
Today, Ajang will share with you how to avoid losing your data when using TickTick.

If you synchronize the TickTick calendar with Apple Calendar, it will be much safer.

The TickTick Synchronization with Apple Calendar Method#

We click on the avatar, then go to Settings, Association and Import, and subscribe to TickTick in other calendar applications to get the URL link. After completing these steps, we copy the list.

Step 2: Subscribe to the calendar#

We find the calendar on the Apple side, add a calendar, and paste the link we copied into the subscription. Remember to click to display this calendar. This way, TickTick will be imported into Apple Calendar.
Note: Synchronization may take about a week to synchronize previous tasks, but future tasks will be synchronized normally.

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