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Shallow Evaluation of Notion Calendar

Notion Calendar
Notion Calendar is a calendar launched by Notion. It is traditionally not available in Chinese, but it has the Shanghai time zone. You can manually add calendar events or use Google to add calendar events. You can also synchronize events through the workspace in Notion, which is an advantage. For more information, please refer to Notion Calendar – Notion Help Center

The disadvantages of Notion Calendar are also very obvious. Its main focus is on Google Calendar, and the number of users using Google Calendar is relatively small, so the effect is not very good. However, I heard that it will integrate with Guozi's calendar in the future, but I don't have Guozi, so I can only watch dramas on my iPad at most.

The interface is decent, with day, week, month views, and the Notion calendar view is consistent.

I really can't complain about the lack of Chinese in the traditional version. Although I can understand it, without Chinese, there is nothing to say.

Notion is indeed ahead in terms of document processing speed and aesthetics, but it is not as good as domestic products in terms of collaboration, promotion, and convenient use of calendars. If Notion is concerned about fraud and sharing sensitive information, I can understand, but treating a calendar like a thief is really impressive.

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