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Immersive Experience with Milanote Whiteboard & Thoughts on Some Notes

First Experience with Milanote#

Milanote - the tool for organizing creative projects This is the address for Milanote. Today, Ajian will take everyone on an immersive experience with Milanote whiteboard notes.
First login
Naturally, Ajian chooses "I do creative work in my free time."
Ajian chooses "I am a writer" (with shameless laughter).
Milanote's main interface looks a bit like Heptabase and Bosi whiteboards. One thing Ajian wants to declare is that this software does not have Chinese language support! Those who mind should not try it.
Milanote currently supports Web, iOS, Android, web plugins, Windows, and Mac.
The free plan only supports 100 elements. Here, Ajian refers to elements as notes, images, or links, but it only supports uploading 10 files, which is a bit limited! Monthly payment is also not worth it. Ajian will not consider this software in terms of pricing.
Dragging the whiteboard to the right creates a theme. By the way, doesn't this icon look a bit like Source... Milanote supports "notes, links, to-do, columns, comments," and other blocks, all of which can be dragged from the left sidebar to the whiteboard, allowing you to focus on your own whiteboard.
In addition, Milanote also supports "arrows, tables, draft drawings, color blocks, documents, audio, maps, videos, and transparent text." It has quite a lot of features, giving a feeling of being All in one!
Milanote also supports templates. I didn't expect this kind of note-taking to be used for outlining novels. This is the first time I've seen it used like this with a whiteboard. I'm really excited when I see this novel outline! Ajian feels like writing a novel and trying out the whiteboard, but of course, I might choose Bosi or something similar.

Other Whiteboards#

Milanote was born in February 2017 and is a relatively early whiteboard software. It is indeed visually appealing and smooth to use, but the lack of Chinese language support is a drawback for domestic users. Moreover, in 2024, the free version only supports a whiteboard capacity of 100 elements, which is a bit limited.

There are also good whiteboard software options abroad, such as Miro, which is also an early whiteboard software; hand-drawn whiteboards like Excalidraw, Whiteboard, tldraw, and Canvas (alternative whiteboard software). In China, there are also many whiteboard software options, such as Bosi Whiteboard, Miaobi Whiteboard, and Xiaohuazhu.

Whiteboards are a novel way of note-taking that integrates visual and note-taking elements to enhance memory. However, the foundation of all this is "remembering." Only by constantly taking notes can the meaning of notes emerge.
Enjoyment Edition

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