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New version Office2024 installation method

The installation and usage method of this software comes from a genius named "Know Thyself" (HEU, you know) and is not my original work, I just copied it! It is still a preview version, so please consider downloading and using it. As for how to activate it, please find a method yourself, it can definitely be activated and used.

One-click installation package for Office download: Extraction code: XcuJ

If you think the speed of 123pan is slow, you can also try using the Baidu Pan address provided by Ajian.
Extraction code: gt13
--Shared by Baidu Pan super member V6

Many people haven't figured out how to use Office 2021 yet, and 2024 is already here, but it is still an early version and Microsoft has not publicly released the preview version. Currently, it can only be downloaded in the Dogfood::DevMain channel. As usual, Microsoft releases a new version of Office every 3 years, such as Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019. Unfortunately, there is a 2-year gap between 2021 and 2019, which is very unfriendly for people with OCD. Now, the versions are following a +3 rule.

"The one-click installation" is a bit troublesome to download and install, so the genius nalanyun from Wuyou Pojie has already packaged the downloaded files and set up the configuration file. All you need to do is run the batch file as an administrator and enter "1" for a foolproof one-click installation.
Entering 1 will start the installation, it's really a foolproof installation!
After the installation is complete, a pop-up will appear in the lower right corner.
It will also remind you that everything is ready.

Let's have a brief experience in Word.
You can see that Ajian has activated many versions of Office.
For those who want to try the "brand new version," you can give it a try.

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