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How to scientifically and efficiently review.

Why Plan to Review Monthly#

On the one hand, it is to achieve the FLAG set at the beginning of the year, hoping to improve the quality of my life through continuous reviews; on the other hand, it is because I am afraid of not knowing what to write in the year-end summary. If you record every day, record every month, then the year-end summary is just a combination of the summaries of 12 months, which is much simpler!

Why Choose the KISS Review Method#


In January 2024, I have been exploring how to review more reasonably and efficiently, and it slowly dragged on until January 9th, forming a preliminary review process, using the KISS review method.

The KISS review model is a scientific project review method used to promote better development of the next project. It can be applied to multiple scenarios, including personal reviews, work summaries, and project management. Specifically, it can be expanded in the following order.

  • K (Keep) Need to Keep: Areas where this project did well and can continue to be used next time.
  • I (Improve) Need to Improve: Which links or factors led to unsatisfactory aspects of the project and need to be improved in subsequent activities.
  • S (Start) Need to Start: What was not implemented or considered in this project but had an impact on the results of this project and needs to be added in the future to avoid omissions.
  • S (Stop) Need to Stop: What behaviors are detrimental to the project and need to be avoided next time.
    I chose the KISS review method instead of the more familiar PDCA because the thinking cost of PDCA is higher, while the KISS review method directly provides four designated times for you to record. Although the amount of thinking in KISS may be smaller than PDCA, the efficiency of KISS is higher, allowing you to record more smoothly.

If you develop the habit of reviewing through the KISS review method, you can still update the daily review to PDCA in the future, thereby increasing your reflection on your own review.

Review Cycle#

Reviewing the first quarter, Ajing has always followed the rhythm of daily review, monthly review, and annual review. However, during the review process, due to the large time span, many pieces of information become difficult to review due to the long time. Therefore, it is decided to review daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.

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