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Long-awaited cloud collector without taking time off



Adjusting my schedule starting today! I must sleep before 10 o'clock because I feel tired even after sleeping for almost 11 hours due to staying up late before. I must rest early next week!

My colleague said that 30 is a turning point where physical fitness declines significantly, so I need to exercise my body well every day. I don't know if it's because of not sleeping well or for other reasons, but I still feel tired every morning after waking up.

Today, a strong wind blew dirt on my face, and I couldn't even open my eyes. When I came back, there was a huge rainbow in the sky, even though there was a strong wind blowing.
I encountered a fire inspection by a firefighter uncle. I don't know if it was a car catching fire. The little boy's motorcycle was also emitting smoke, which was scary.1718631467940.jpg


I was shocked when a former colleague asked me if I had bought a house when I was looking for one. I thought who would buy a house nowadays if they weren't pure fools? Who would buy a house if they didn't get married or have children? I hope housing prices will plummet!

Listening to "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" reminded me of when I played "Dynasty Warriors" or "Warriors Orochi" when I was a child, riding a tall horse and charging into battle. I was really good at riding horses, making them run, not just four legs trotting back and forth. Whenever I think of riding a horse, I imagine what I would be like in ancient times. Wearing black clothes and carrying a long sword, riding a blood-red steed, flying a hundred steps with my flying sword to the execution ground, shouting "Spare the life!" Then another flying sword arrives, and I see a figure in black clothes stepping on the sword. That person is none other than the newly appointed governor, Governor Jiang. There is another hidden story behind the corruption and bribery case. This person cannot be killed. I see the black-clothed governor drawing out a long sword from his back. The sword is shining with precious light, and at first glance, it is not an ordinary item. The black-clothed Governor Jiang anxiously says, "This sword is the Imperial Sword, capable of beheading princes and commoners alike." I'll stop here and continue the story later.

The rain is too heavy today! I fell asleep and was awakened by thunder. The window was not closed, and it was crackling. I finally went to bed early, but I was awakened after 11 o'clock. What a failure!1718631467948.jpg
After such heavy rain yesterday, there is no trace of water in the morning. The ground is so dry that it's smoking! It's so hot and humid! Has it ever been this hot in previous years! But when it didn't rain, a rainbow appeared in the distance, which was quite beautiful!

If one day my Obsidian breaks, what note-taking software should I use? Maybe OneNote? I'm really too lazy to tinker with Obsidian! It might also be WPS Office, I really want to get a membership for it... I resisted the urge to buy it.

I can't read an article with too much text. Everyone says it's good, but I can't read it either. 🤦‍♂️ Maybe I'm too arrogant, or maybe my head hurts when there's too much text.
There are too many delicious foods in Guizhou!

[A super refreshing carb breakfast in Guizhou that makes northerners cry from spiciness, addictive! [Guizhou Eating Story 01] - Bilibili]

Suddenly, I want to go there. When I saw the private kitchen, it felt like entering another world when the elevator opened.

[I have learned this intangible cultural heritage for six years, and I feel like I have just scratched the surface - Bilibili]

After watching this video, I was deeply moved. It reminded me of "Ghost Blows Out the Light" that I watched before. It's really not easy for these intangible cultural heritages to survive to this day!

I really want to see a blacksmith at work!

I misread the book "Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence" as "Edge People" 😂

Good deeds of the day: I encountered an uncle while running, and his car had a flat tire. I helped him check the reverse and parked the nail where he could remove it.

Pink clouds

A little dog turning back at the edge of the sky
Clouds like sand on the beach
Sky clouds

A crazy dog running and dragging its owner, so funny

Pre-made meals are so cheap and convenient that I even want to eat them as regular food.

Running in recent days has caused some discomfort in my left ankle, so I'm planning to change my exercise method.


I worked a whole day, and when the playlist played, it was still "Romance of the Three Kingdoms." I didn't listen to music for a while, and it formed a closed loop 😂

Movies, TV shows, and books#

I recently watched Ma Boyong's "The Antique Bureau Midgame," which was quite interesting, especially when paired with Hai Dong's appraisal of antiques! Here are some interesting screenshots from the book~

I also finished watching "Ghost Blows Out the Light," and the ending was so touching! The kind-hearted female ghost is so lovely! It reminds me of Zhang Ya from "I Have a Haunted House" that I watched before! 1718631467882.png


I finally reached Legend rank in Hearthstone on the Asia server! It's not easy!



I dreamed that I went back to the classroom of a teacher who used to hit students (he hit many slaps, but only slapped me once, not very hard). He was my elementary school teacher, but he was teaching me high school classes. In this class, someone wanted to listen to the lesson, which was a math class taught by him, and the seats were rearranged in a circle around the podium. I couldn't find my book, so I went to borrow one, but I couldn't borrow it after a long time. The teacher said, "You've tried hard enough, go back to class for now," just as the class bell rang. When I returned to my seat, he started mocking me, saying that someone rides a bicycle to work every day, blah blah, and said that someone's car hasn't been changed for many years, this car is really valuable, and also said many other disgusting things. Because the principal had something to do and no one came to listen to the class, he was unscrupulous. Maybe I have a low defense, but I think it might be easier to break through when it comes to children, especially since teachers shouldn't casually talk about students' family situations.1718631467616.jpg

I stood up in anger and walked out. He was still being sarcastic, saying that I didn't need to look anymore because he wouldn't teach this class either. I walked to the door and said, "Let someone like you be a teacher, I won't study!" At this moment, there was a scene where the whole class applauded me, so cool! It was so cool! I went to the principal's office to find the principal, but I got lost on the way. The principal wasn't there, so I told the principal's secretary that this teacher had previously mocked students about their poor economic conditions and even hit other students! Then at this time, the "Elbow Teacher" appeared outside the principal's office and said for me to go back, but I said there was no need to go back, I'll wait for the principal. The Elbow Teacher left, and after a while, another female teacher came and said that the Elbow Teacher is straightforward and outspoken, blah blah, but it doesn't matter. I just want to state the facts. Don't you allow people to speak the truth? Later, the principal arrived, and I woke up.

That "I won't study" was so cool!

I dreamed that a stupid person in charge of work coordination said that I wasn't proactive in work coordination. Damn, don't you ask the leader to let me do your work? Isn't this a dream? Well, it really was a dream.

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