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BaiCiZhan underlined translation, comes with a dictionary~

Plugin Recommendation#

Today, Ajang recommends a super useful plugin for everyone, a plugin that almost everyone can use (after all, the whole world is learning English), it is the Baicizhan Assistant.
You can easily download it from the Google App Store. This is its GitHub homepage Baicizhan Assistant
You can click on "Chinese" to read the Chinese introduction of Baicizhan Assistant.

Ajang and Baicizhan#

At the beginning of this year, Ajang set a goal in his review: to learn vocabulary every day
Of course, the tool he naturally uses is Baicizhan!
Let me report on my personal progress. Originally, I could have finished learning the vocabulary for the IELTS by the end of this year, but recently, my work has been too busy (of course, this is an excuse. Mr. Lu Xun once said that time is like water in a sponge, squeeze it and it will be there)
So, while using Baicizhan, I accidentally discovered this plugin, which is so useful! Previously, I had used many translation software, such as Quicker's word search, DeepL, Saladict, Caiyun Xiaoyi, and immersive translation. Later, I found that for long documents, the translation provided by the Edge browser is sufficient. For the translation and search of individual words, I chose this free plugin, and Baicizhan and I are also highly compatible, so I naturally chose it. Some rich people or professionals can choose the paid immersive translation, after all, it is backed by OpenAI, and the translation of terms in some professional fields is still accurate. But for Ajang, it is not worth it. The price of the paid version cannot be exchanged for benefits.

Configuring the Baicizhan Assistant Plugin#

If you haven't configured it and just click on the Baicizhan plugin, it only has a simple search function and cannot provide highlighted translation.
We need to right-click on the plugin icon and select "Extension Options"
After opening it, first enter the information for logging into Baicizhan using your mobile phone number, enter the verification code, and then click on login.
In terms of system settings, you can refer to Ajang's configuration. Do not select "Never translate" for the translation trigger, otherwise your translation will not work.

Demonstration of Use#

When I select a word, the Baicizhan icon will appearimage.png
Clicking on the icon will trigger the translation.
Of course, you can also set it to translate directly, so it will translate as soon as you finish highlighting~

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