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Stop using the unstable and unreliable Notion.

Notion is down#

This world is like a huge stage. These days, Notion has been experiencing frequent issues: saving and editing are both impossible. In just a few days, they have sent out more than 10 tweets. If this service can't make it, Anytype and Obsidian are waiting in line behind. This wave of local notes and offline notes is like a drug for Qin Shihuang - addictive!

Criticizing Notion#

Are you still using the criticized Notion? Recently, I saw a reply from Notion, roughly saying: beautiful women shouldn't use Microsoft Teams, you deserve something better according to Notion. What does that mean? Direct criticism?

Interview with Notion Founder#


The founder of Notion is busy attending meetings, and as a result, Notion is down. What do you think? If I were the founder of Notion, I would be ashamed. On one hand, promoting the product concept, on the other hand, the basic functions are not working. Such a high-level concept: "We hide computing power in productivity software. It took us three to four years to transform language tools into productivity tools. The feeling is the same. So, the spirit is still about how people use it every day. Therefore, Notion (a note and organization tool) has transformed from a computing tool, a programming tool, to a tool that focuses more on how we disguise a tool and transform programming capabilities into products." Without a stable infrastructure, all concepts are worthless. You provide value that users recognize, but if you can't provide services normally, what will users use? If you only have fancy concepts, you will eventually become someone else's stepping stone.

Ajian's Thoughts#

Previously, I always mentioned the network issues with Notion, but now it has become a problem of service availability. Considering the frequent occurrence of unavailability issues recently, have you considered using other note-taking apps? If you are considering other note-taking apps, what are your considerations? Ajian lists several key features that he is concerned about:

  • Can it be directly pasted into WeChat Official Accounts?
  • Is it domestically developed?
  • Is it local?
  • Note aesthetics
  • Does it support all platforms (this contradicts being local to some extent, as it usually involves cloud services, but of course, you can also build a private cloud)?
  • No dark history (such as mining with programs, automatically starring repositories)
  • Does it support Markdown?
  • Is it subscription-based or lifetime purchase?
  • Company establishment time⌛️
  • Does it support categorization and tags?
  • Does it support all-in-one?
  • Does it support bidirectional linking?
  • Ease of getting started with note-taking software
  • Popularity of note-taking software among the general public
  • Note's ecosystem, including plugins, API, and connectivity with other software
  • Community activity, including note operations

Currently, Ajian is using the software Obsidian, which meets 90% of the above scenarios. If anyone has any recommendations for better note-taking software, please feel free to give suggestions!

The above is only my personal opinion. Die-hard fans of Notion, please don't attack me. I have also used Notion for a long time and have mixed feelings about it. Let's not argue, the argument will only be against you.

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