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How did you spend May Day? My heart is sad!

May Review

A Joyful May Day#

May 1st: Watched "Xianjian" (a TV drama), wrote a summary for March, had dinner with college classmates, and enjoyed some melons.
May 2nd: Watched "Xianjian", was on duty, wrote a summary for March.
May 3rd: Visited relatives, watched "Xianjian", wrote a summary for April.
May 4th: Wrote a summary for April, tidied up the house, watched "Zhuxian" (a TV drama), played "Fearless Covenant" (a game), played "Chicken Dinner" (a game).
May 5th: Played "Werewolf Killing" (a game), stayed at home, wrote a summary for May Day.


Speaking of May Day, when I was a child, there was a program called "Seven Days of Joy in May Day", but no one mentions it anymore. This year, May Day was only one day off. When I saw everyone using their days off to travel everywhere on social media, my heart was sad. I recommend everyone to read Lu Xun's "On Opening One's Eyes" and truly open your eyes to the world.

Why go out and join the crowds? If I go out to play, I will definitely choose a time when there are fewer people. I watched "You Jian Xiaoyao" (a TV drama) at home, from Yuhang to Suzhou, Yangzhou, and Yunmeng Marsh. Isn't Nanzhao Country beautiful?

I planned to write a novel before, but writing a novel is really exhausting. I wrote a little bit in my WeChat collection, and it's really tiring! It's difficult to come up with ideas and make the plot reasonable. I plan to dig a hole first, slowly write it, and then gradually fill it in when I have time.

It's so enjoyable to take a bus to an unfamiliar place. With the help of Amap, I know the destination and experience various places, just like taking a sightseeing tour. There will even be mechanical electronic sounds announcing the stops, and I can also enjoy the scenery outside. If you drive and don't even know the names of the roads in between, you will miss out on a lot of fun. Of course, it's not because I'm afraid to drive. When I was on the bus, a plane took off from the ground next to me. It was so cool, just like I was riding an airport shuttle.

Diseases are really scary. I just heard that a relative of mine fell into a coma for 26 days after surgery. It's terrifying. And his family members work during the day and go to the hospital to accompany him at night.

During the May Day holiday, we went to visit relatives and had lunch at a restaurant. I found that every time I go out with relatives, it feels very noisy, and everyone doesn't sit down but stands and chats. Someone has to step forward and say, "Everyone, please sit down quickly." Is this some kind of custom? It's not that I don't like my relatives, but I really can't stand such a noisy environment.

TV Shows#

You Jian Xiaoyao#

Watching a TV Drama

"You Jian Xiaoyao" is a remake of the Xianjian TV drama. I happened to come across it while browsing the NGA forum, and someone made a video edit that looked pretty good, so I decided to watch "You Jian Xiaoyao". I watched the 2005 version of Xianjian before, which is the Hu Ge version. I particularly liked Li Xiaoyao, Lin Yueru, Tang Yu Xiaobao, Anu, Liu Jinyuan, and Jiu Jianxian. But I couldn't appreciate the beauty of Liu Yifei from Girls' Generation. The 2005 version of Xianjian is most memorable to me for the sacrifice of Lin Yueru at the Locking Demon Tower for love, "Eating until old, playing until old", the pairing of Tang Yu Xiaobao and Anu, the teaching of Jiu Jianxian at the Mountain Temple (Ten Li Slope Sword God), Li Xiaoyao reversing time and going back to the past, Jiu Jianxian teaching Li Xiaoyao the Immortal Wind and Cloud Body Technique, the Drunken Immortal Moon Gazing Step, and the final move of "Don't Go" when Li Xiaoyao confronts the leader of the Moon Worship Sect. So many touching moments. Li Xiaoyao finally understands that even if he goes back to the past, he can't change anything, just like what Nüwa said, everything has cause and effect.

As for "You Jian Xiaoyao", the plot has been greatly simplified. After watching the 2005 version, I couldn't imagine any other Li Xiaoyao in my eyes, but Yang Yutong (Zhao Ling'er) looks so beautiful in ancient costumes! When Li Xiaoyao and Ling'er separated in the end, Li Xiaoyao cried so much that I felt he portrayed Li Xiaoyao well. Later, I found out that Yang Yutong played Xu Yingzi in "Storm Eye", and I couldn't recognize her as the same person.

Tang Yu Xiaobao and Anu's storyline could have been completely removed without affecting the viewing experience. Apart from that, there are almost no flaws. The art direction and character adaptations can be seen in the video.

The adaptation of the plot is actually very well done. Some of the characters that appear, like Taiwu, are from the prequel of Xianjian Five, and they can be reasonably incorporated into the plot. It can be seen that the screenwriter must understand Xianjian, watch Xianjian, and play Xianjian. Lin Yueru's acting is also very good, but because she couldn't pass the censorship, her scenes were heavily cut. Aside from the three water monsters bringing in money, the 24th version still gave a lot of touching moments. Lin Yueru was resurrected as an undead by the Golden Silkworm King, and the illusion of the Wine God was also handsome. The most touching part was when Li Xiaoyao went back to the past and joined forces with Jiu Jianxian (Situ Zhong) to search desperately for his childhood friend, only to find out that it was his future self. This made Jiu Jianxian determined to take Li Xiaoyao as his disciple... So many touching moments. Li Xiaoyao finally understands that even if he goes back to the past, he can't change anything, just like what Nüwa said, everything has cause and effect.

And Zhao Ling'er's appearance as Nüwa is really embarrassing. This red color is so awkward, can't it be changed?! Although it is very authentic, this red hair is really ugly!
The 2005 version also had many touching moments. I only remember "June Rain" and "Always Quiet". At that time, Li Xiaoyao and Zhao Ling'er were about to separate, and I don't remember who said it, but it was something like if they could still see each other after taking 100 steps, they would continue to be together. I didn't expect them to meet again. This may be the sense of destiny that has always been present in the "Three Swords" (Xianjian, Gujian, Xuanyuan Sword) series.

I only remember Jiu Jianxian's poem, and I always thought Jiu Jianxian was cool since I was young.
Riding the sword with the wind, eliminating demons between heaven and earth. With wine, I enjoy a carefree life; without wine, I am still crazy. A thousand cups cannot intoxicate me, only I, the Wine Sword Immortal.

Zhu Xian#

Apart from "You Jian Xiaoyao", I also finished watching the first season of the "Zhu Xian" animated series. It's such a pity that Biyao died, she took the sword for Zhang Xiaofan. I remember watching an explanation video that said Guili also couldn't find a way to resurrect Biyao. Guili and Lu Xueqi ended up together, so annoying, my Biyao.

Whenever resurrection methods are mentioned, I think of Feng Qingxue in "Gu Jian Qi Tan 1" looking for the Eternal Life Wood for Wanli Tusu. In the end, it seems like there was an ending where they found it. So tragic, why are there so many tragedies!!!


When I watched "Xianjian", I really wanted to play "King of Glory" with my Li Xiaoyao. These days, I wanted to download "King of Glory" and play something that requires skill, but I also felt that it would be tiring to play alone, so I didn't download it. I also remembered that if I play "King of Glory", the chances of encountering people who argue will increase, so it's better to avoid unnecessary trouble.


There was no game content for P5X during the May Day holiday, and there were no holiday events. It was quite boring. I feel like this game is about to enter a half-dead state. But I heard that Perfect World doesn't have much control because the game is managed by Sega. I heard that Perfect World is gambling on a big game - "Zhu Xian". But it's probably difficult to turn the tide for a game with such an old theme as "Zhu Xian". There are already too many ancient-style cultivation games, and it's difficult to rely on ancient-style cultivation to succeed.

Backpack Brawl#

I played it for a while, and it's really fun, but the learning curve is steep, and the game balance is also poor. The most outrageous thing is that this game doesn't have a tutorial for beginners. Before playing, I had to go to Bilibili to find a guide and learn how to play, how to activate different types of items like weapons, food, accessories, and pets. In the end, I gave up.

Fearless Covenant#

I played two rounds and found that other players were already halfway through the match while I was still loading in. It's clear that I just entered the game. I uninstalled the game, so as not to ruin other people's experience. I used to play CS, but I was also terrible at it. My shooting skills are probably only suitable for playing Overwatch.

Werewolf Killing#

I played two rounds of Werewolf Killing, and this game is really trash. There are people who don't listen to others' speeches, and there are blackmais and bots. I concluded that there is almost no fun in playing cooperative games with strangers.


I dreamt that someone gave me a gray fur blue-eyed kitten. Because it hadn't eaten for several days, the kitten bit me as soon as it saw me, and after a while, I turned purple. I even suspected that the kitten was infected with the zombie virus.

Eating Melons#

The welcoming lights of the "Maiteng Brother" (a car brand) are really bright, giving Maiteng a good advertisement.
In Guangzhou, a 36-year-old woman's post on NGA about dating went viral. I saw the original post a long time ago. A 36-year-old woman went on a blind date, and I didn't expect the post to become popular. As the situation escalated, I no longer pay attention to the truth of this matter. I feel that it is more like a social activity survey on men. Fortunately, the original post was deleted, otherwise the people who replied to the post would be publicly shamed, and the consequences would be unimaginable.
Fei Mao, 21 years old, a "King of Glory" account booster, committed suicide with 510,000 yuan. All the elements are there. Fei Mao actually committed suicide on April 11th, but why did the news only spread during the May Day holiday? Fei Mao was indeed a pure lover, with an extreme personality, and the female protagonist was indeed hateful. Fei Mao, oh Fei Mao, couldn't you just stop playing the game if you couldn't win against her? I heard that someone offered a reward for the female protagonist, and a father with cancer accepted the reward, I don't know if it's true or not.

During the weekend, I had dinner with friends. I heard that A has a girlfriend and often goes to karaoke bars, bars, and bath centers. A's motto is that girlfriends are easy to find, but it's hard to find someone to marry; professionals are cleaner than you. At that time, I thought A could just live in the game world, while Fei Mao sacrificed for love. It's tragic, so tragic. If only Fei Mao had listened to his friends more and not been so obsessed with love, he wouldn't have had such a tragedy. His friends advised him, but Fei Mao didn't listen and was lost in love.

The Meizhou Expressway was so tragic. Due to heavy rain, many people lost their lives due to erosion. Not to mention the issue of electric and oil cars behind the scenes, the most important thing is that Yuan Longping's original seeds were stolen, and the spy who did it was only sentenced to one year. It's really heartbreaking! That person runs an agricultural science company and exports the original seeds to foreign countries. How would Yuan Longping, who has passed away, feel if he knew about this? How would the hardworking farmers feel? If other countries develop seed viruses, what should we do? There have been viruses specifically targeting Asians before. The "Clear Net" operation is busy clearing what? Inciting gender conflicts every day, fan wars. No one cares about the truly important original seeds. My heart is sad.

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